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Loan 1072.1CO2019 - Business Loan


Loan Details

Type Business Loan

Listed Amount 2,000,000,000 VND

Remaining Principal 2,000,000,000 VND

Grade B2

Interest Rate 17 %

Initial LTV -


Initial Term 89-days

Amortization Method Interest-Only

Listed Date 15/02/2019

Closed Date 25/02/2019

Disbursement Date 18/02/2019

Loan Originator eLoan

Investment Breakdown

  • 2 Investor - 100 % / VND 2,000,000,000

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    Industry Trái cây và Nước ép cô đặc - Nông nghiệp - Sản xuất - Thương mại

    Started 2013

    Head Office CityName

    Number Of Employees 300

    Summary Founded in 1995 with the main business of producing and distributing soft drinks, after many changes in the domestic beverage market, NA *** started to study the Specialized Plant Construction Project. production and processing and export of frozen and concentrated fruit juice products, setting the stage for current product orientation and success. In 2009, NA *** vigorously changed and looked for spectacular opportunities to come back through the difficult period. This is also the year the company seeks and develops new products: Passion fruit, which is currently a key export product to the US and European markets, brings the highest profit. NA ** has always been steadfast in developing the Company under a sustainable green agricultural value chain from seedling production, material planting, processing and sales. Since then, it brings happiness, balance and added value to shareholders, employees, farmers.

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