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Loan 1087.2CO2019 - Business Loan

Loan Details

Type Business Loan

Listed Amount 400,000,000 VND

Remaining Principal 400,000,000 VND

Grade B3

Interest Rate 18 %

Initial LTV -


Initial Term 61-days

Amortization Method Interest-Only

Listed Date 13/05/2019

Closed Date 23/05/2019

Disbursement Date 16/05/2019

Loan Originator eLoan

Investment Breakdown

  • Available Investment - 100 % / VND 400,000,000


Available 400,000,000

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    Started 2007

    Head Office CityName

    Number Of Employees 20

    Summary Through many years of accumulation, the leaders of TP companies have chosen to do business of processing various types of latex due to low risks, stable profits, processing process which does not require high technology but the market demand is very large. With a relationship that has been formed for several decades, he is confident in the field in which he operates. The company leader has many years of experience in rubber latex trading and processing, in the 90s of the last century, he had rubber business trips across the sea every month from South to North, sales post at the northern border gate. That is also the result of the success of the City's business in recent years.

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