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Loan 1095CO2019 - Buyer Financing


Loan Details

Type Buyer Financing

Listed Amount 500,000,000 VND

Remaining Principal 500,000,000 VND

Grade B3

Interest Rate 18 %

Initial LTV -

LTV 20

Initial Term 91-days

Amortization Method Interest-Only

Listed Date 19/04/2019

Closed Date 29/04/2019

Disbursement Date 23/04/2019

Loan Originator eLoan

Investment Breakdown

  • 1 Investor - 100 % / VND 500,000,000

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  • Borrower Details

    Industry 17090 - Incubator Plantation

    Started 29-05-2018

    Head Office 704/82A Hương Lộ 2, Phường Bình Trị Đông A, Quận Bình Tân, Hồ Chí Minh

    Number Of Employees 20

    Summary HT*** established in 2018 to specialize in votive paper money. The main market of the company is Taiwan, the demand for importing this product is very high in Taiwan because this country still has many worship beliefs and burns votive paper. HT*** buys paper rolls from the another companys, with a part produced on the spot. Currently company export 3 cont.40 per month, per cont about 15 - 17 tons of votive paper, in the future, the demand will increase, each month the company can export from 4 to 5 cont.

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    Investor 1