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Loan 1096CO2019 - Export Financing


Loan Details

Type Export Financing

Listed Amount 500,000,000 VND

Remaining Principal 500,000,000 VND

Grade A3

Interest Rate 15 %

Initial LTV -

LTV 42

Initial Term 61-days

Amortization Method Interest-Only

Listed Date 18/04/2019

Closed Date 28/04/2019

Disbursement Date 24/04/2019

Loan Originator eLoan

Investment Breakdown

  • 1 Investor - 100 % / VND 500,000,000

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    Industry 46510 - Crop Rotation

    Started 14/05/2018

    Head Office Tầng 16, Cao Ốc Sài Gòn Tower, Số 29 Lê Duẩn,, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh

    Number Of Employees 20

    Summary K *** established in 2018 backed by W *** export company has more than 6 years of experience in exporting wooden furniture to the European market. Although newly established, but based on the background available from experienced leaders, along with the number of reputable customers over the years, K *** is on the rise in the business market as well as his brand. With special characteristics of export wooden furniture line, especially oak. Currently the company exports over 5 containers to European countries every month. And the upcoming orientation will export more Asian countries and trade in the domestic market.

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    Investor 1