eLoan is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that connects investors with small business borrowers in Vietnam . It is an easy and transparent alternative to the traditional banking system. At eLoan, both retail and institutional investors can invest in fractions of loans. Currently, we offer the opportunity to invest in invoice-based small business loans. By connecting to the eLoan platform, investors get instant access to investment opportunities in the SME space, one of the main driving forces behind the growing economy of Vietnam.
It is very easy. All you need to do is fill out our registration form here - http://eloan.com.vn/en/signup
You can transfer money to your eLoan account from your bank. Transfers in VND can be done easily and at low cost using traditional bank transfers. If you have money in currency other than VND, please contact us for further instructions.
Both individuals and entities can invest through eLoan. Individual investors must be at least 18 years old, have a bank account in Vietnam and have their identities successfully verified by eLoan.
Yes, companies can invest through eLoan. To comply with AML requirements, we request additional information from companies, such as registration documents, information about ultimate beneficial owners, identification of a company representative, as well as any other documentation deemed necessary in each case.

As with any investment, there are some risks. The biggest risk is associated with possible credit losses from investments. The following measures have been taken by eLoan to mitigate the risk:

  • 1) All loans are issued with the borrower's ability to repay the loan taken into account. We use our in-house scorecard to grade various loan risks for our investor’s consideration. Our loan grading systems have but one purpose: to mitigate the loan risk for our investors.
  • 2) For certain types of loans, the loan originators have offered collateral to be used to recover the loan in the case of default, thereby lowering credit loss risk.
  • 3) For certain loans, other credit enhancements are obtained, such as a personal guarantee or loan insurance offered by a third-party insurance company.
  • 4) For certain loans, the loan originator has provided a buy-back guarantee, which means that if the loan is delayed by more than 60 days, the loan originator repurchases the investment for the nominal value of the principal and the accrued interest till the date of repurchase.

Investors can mitigate risks by diversifying - making fractional investments in several loans across different borrowers, loan types, and loan originators.

The income earned at eLoan is taxed for each investor based on legislation of the respective country where the investor is a tax resident. As laws vary in each country, please consult an appropriate revenue service or a tax specialist for more information. Each investor can receive extensive information necessary for tax returns when logged into their eLoan investor account. Below you can find more information about tax implications for tax residents of selected countries. The information provided does not constitute tax advice. All investors should seek independent tax advice.Here in Vietnam, the current income tax for lending is 5% on interest received.

Investing through eLoan is free of charge. There are no fees for opening an investor account and no fees for depositing or withdrawing funds. There is also no service fee, or any other fee charged to investors.
We charge fee to borrowers for every successful loan disbursement
The minimum investment in any single loan on the primary market is VND 5,000,000. There is no minimum for investments in the secondary market (not yet launched).
You will receive invested money as defined in each loan payment schedule, which depends on the loan term and loan amortization method. If you would like to get your money back faster than what is scheduled, you can sell your investment to the secondary market. The secondary market, once launched, allows you to add a premium or discount to your investment sale.
It depends on your investment style. You can use a passive investment style and make investments through Auto Invest (coming soon!), in which case you only need to determine Auto Invest configurations and the amount of time devoted to choosing investments is minimal. If you want to employ a more active investment style and pick each investment individually, the time necessary will depend on the number of your investments.
In the unlikely event of eLoan bankruptcy, investors will be given full information from the eLoan database on the transactions they have concluded within the framework of the marketplace. The eLoan liquidator or administrator will take all necessary actions to transfer the servicing of all loans and investments to an appropriate court-appointed trustee.

In the unlikely event that a loan originator goes out of business, we have put in place arrangements to ensure that investors continue to receive payments on the loans in which they have invested through the eLoan marketplace.

As per the assignment agreement and cooperation agreement with eLoan, in the event of insolvency of the loan originator, eLoan as a proxy of the assignee, would take over the management of the claim from the loan originator and recall authorization of the assignee to the loan originator. After having taken over the management of the claim from the loan originator, eLoan would be entitled to transfer the management of the claim to any third party at eLoan’s discretion. This means that eloan as a proxy of the assignee would inform the borrower on the assignment and direct continued payments to eLoan or any third party at eloan discretion.

No, deposits are only accepted from accounts in same name as the eLoan investor account.
Yes. You need to inform us your eWallet account during your profile registration.

Bank account: 0721000621241

Beneficiary name: Công ty cổ phần eLoan

Bank: Vietcombank Branch Ky Dong


First, you need to have available funds in your account at eLoan to make investments. Learn how to transfer funds to your eLoan account in the Getting Started section.

Once you have sufficient funds, there are two ways to invest:

1) Auto Invest (Pending)

  • - Set your preferred investing criteria, which you can change whenever you like; - Save time and effort, diversify your portfolio by investing in several loans at once;
  • - Make your money work by continuously reinvesting interest earned in new loans, accruing compound interest;
  • - Automatically invest in new loans as soon as they appear in the system without even having to log in. Keep in mind that you can stop Auto Invest at any time.

2) Manual Investing

  • - Browse loans currently listed on the eLoan marketplace and select loans individually to build your portfolio;
  • - Invest funds in the selected loans or their parts, with the option of reinvesting funds received from borrower payments.

Each borrower makes monthly payments according to their loan agreements, which can consist of principal, interest and late payment fees, or any combination of the above.

Your portion of the payment, which is calculated based on your investment in any particular loan, will be added to your eLoan account after the payment has been processed. You can then choose to invest the funds in more loans or transfer them to your bank or eWallet account. Because different loans have different payment due dates, most investors with multiple investments see a continuous stream of payments added to their eLoan account throughout the month.

For security reasons and to comply with data protection laws, we do not reveal the full names or addresses of borrowers.
Loans can be issued to borrowers for different business purposes, including inventory purchase, payroll, asset acquistion, and many other reasons. The purpose of the loan is noted under each listing and is dependent on the borrower and loan originator.
In general, in the event that a borrower does not make a payment according to schedule, wewill contact the borrower to remind them about the missed payment. If the payment is still not made, we may pursue different options, depending on the situation leading to the missed payment. When feasible, the loan is rescheduled or otherwise modified. As a last resort, in the event that the borrower is not able or willing to make the payment, we will start loan recovery procedures. The recovery process may be pursued by either eLoan or an outsourced party. The exact debt recovery process and timeframe is different for each loan.
There are two types of loans: 1) secured loans with collateral, and 2) unsecured loans without any collateral. For secured loans, collateral may be real estate, a vehicle, equipment, as well as many other types of collateral, as indicated under each loan. For unsecured loans, a personal guarantee is required.
Collateral usually belongs to the borrower, though it can be owned by a third party. The pledge rights over collateral are always transferred to eLoan prior to each loan issuance. Once an investment has been made in a loan, eLoan will undertaken the responsibility, to oversee the pledge in the interest of the investor.
We rely on both our in-house risks management team and third-party service providers to determine fair market value for each collateral.
Any operational and active business can apply for a loan at eLoan. We serve small to medium-sized companies across all industries.
You can request a withdrawal through your investor account. You can withdraw funds not invested in loans from your eLoan investor account to your bank account at any time.
We can only transfer money to a bank account that belongs to you; this is a necessary precaution taken to protect our investors and comply with anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. All bank accounts used to transfer money to eLoan will be registered under your profile, and you will be able to choose from any of these accounts when requesting withdrawal.
You can withdraw all available funds that are not yet invested.
eLoan charges no fee for a withdrawal. However, your bank or money transfer service provider may charge additional fees for transfers. Please consult your bank or money transfer service provider to identify any such fees.
eLoan will process your withdrawal request within one (1) business day. Payments do not usually take more than one (1) business day; depending on the time of your withdrawal request, you should receive the transferred money within the same day or within a maximum of two (2) business days.