How It Works

eLoan is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace where investors go to invest in business loans from the SMEs of Vietnam. At eLoan, investors can invest in different types of loans from different borrowers. On the other hand, by connecting to eLoan, business borrowers can reap the benefits of the decentralized lending model in gaining working capital for their business.

The illustration above is for the purpose of education only. Bank partners and loan originators can be different based on eLoan's actual operation

How it works?

  • Borrowers apply for a loan online and provide supporting documents.
  • The eLoan team evaluates the application and approves the loan amount and interest rate, any amount up to 5,000,000,000 VND for up to 6 months. For loans requiring more, bank partners will be invited to participate.
  • The loans are then listed on the eLoan marketplace, where investors can select loans to invest in.
  • Borrowers start making payments based on approved terms.
  • Investors start receiving payments and interest based on terms agreed to by the borrowers.

Note: By investing in a loan, investors are buying claim rights against a borrower based on the assignment agreement.

In the event that a borrower is late or unable to repay the loan, eLoan will exhaust all its resources to start the capital recovery process on behalf of the investors. However, success of such efforts may not be guaranteed.