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What is eLoan?

eLoan is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that connects investors with small business borrowers in Vietnam. It is an easy and transparent alternative to the traditional banking system. At eLoan, both retail and institutional investors can invest in fractions of loans. Currently, we offer the opportunity to invest in invoice-based small business loans. By connecting to the eLoan platform, investors get instant access to investment opportunities in the SME space, one of the main driving forces behind the growing economy of Vietnam.

Who can invest?

Anyone. You just need to register and have available funds in your account at eLoan to make investments. Learn how to set up an account in the Getting Started section.

Who can borrow?

Any operational and active business can apply for a loan at eLoan. We serve small to medium-sized companies across all industries. For personal loans, we will serve on case by case basis.

1. How do I apply?

It is very easy to apply for a loan through eLoan. We will ask you to provide some personal details, including invoices, contracts, financial reports and your company's legal documents that are still valid. Then your loan application will be assessed and selected using a credit-scoring system. After the application is approved, your loan will be displayed in the eLoan marketplace.

2. Why apply through eLoan?

Compared to conventional financial institutions, the application process for loans is much more efficient. With eLoan, you get flexibility over funding fees, without the paperwork, and with a much quicker decision making process. We also offers competitive rates.

3. What is the interest rate on each loan?

Interest rates will depend on the specific profile of each loan and is determined on a case-by-case basis. They are based on the credit assessment report conducted by eLoan.

4. How much can I borrow and for how long?

eLoan will facilitate loans up to 100% of the requested amount, in amounts from VND 50,000,000-5,000,000,000. The term of the loan will be determined by the eLoan team.

5. When can I obtain and use the proceeds of my loan?

The approval process will usually take 3 working days after all document requirements are completed, followed by the 14-day offer period on the marketplace. If before the 14 days 100% of the funds have been raised, the funds then can be immediately disbursed and transferred into your account.

6. Does the loan offer being featured in the marketplace definitely mean it will be fully funded?

eLoan does not guarantee that all loans offered in the marketplace will be funded 100%. If the pledged amount remains below the 60% target during the offering period, the Borrower is allowed to, either cancel or extend the loan application period.

7. What fees do I have to pay when applying for loans through eLoan?

The only fees charged by eLoan are interest and origination. All fees will be communicated to the Borrower beforehand, meaning there are no hidden charges.

8. Do I have to provide collateral in order to obtain a loan?

Yes. We will ask you to provide the following as collaterals:

  • - Personal guarantee.
  • - Escrow/Joint account in which eLoan controls the borrower’s bank account (optional).
  • - A notarized agreement to transfer personal assets to eLoan (cars, real estate properties, etc.). This agreement is optional and determined by eLoan.

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